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It may seem like it isn't possible to just answer a few questions and get paid for your time.  Guess what, it is!  Companies are dying to have information that will help them better market their products.  They reach out to and hire Survey Companies who in turn pay participants for their time.  The company wins with value research data and you win because you get a little extra cash in your pocket.  If you are new to online survey taking, we've gone ahead and listed a few of the top questions and answers below.

 01  How do I get paid?

It varies company to company.  Be sure to read the details on every survey companies program page regarding payouts.  Almost all have a pay by check option, some allow for PayPal and other online money transfer services.  Others allow you to redeem points for gift cards or other offers.  Most do have a minimum payout however, so you will have to put a little time in and take a number of surveys before redeeming your payment.




 02  How long does it take before I get my first check?

Every survey site is different between dollars per survey and payout thresholds.  Read each Sites terms for details.  We've listed some of the most trusted and user friendly Survey Sites out there on our home page for you to check out.




 03  How do you find surveys to take?

While, the home page of each site will usually list surveys available, almost all sites will use your e-mail address to send you new surveys to take as they come up.  We recommend creating a separate e-mail address just for survey sites.  Using this e-mail you can then maximize your surveys you take.  If you take them closer to when they pop up, the more likely you will earn the reward as most surveys to have quotas and end once they are filled.  Just remember, the more surveys you take, the more money you can earn! 




 04  Do these sites only offer surveys for money?


While many of these sites are survey only sites, there are some that have a variety of ways to make money.  Some give you cashback when you shop, some for watching videos, searching the web, completing various offers, and even for playing games.​




 05  Will I get Spam and what do they do with my info?

Typically a survey site will need a lot of information from you.  However, this information is more categorical information that they use to get you more surveys.  They will never ask for your bank information or social security number or anything like that - if they do, do not join.  Also, they usually only use your e-mail to send you more offers or surveys that will make you money.  We do recommend that you create a separate e-mail account just for survey sites, so that you have all the offers in one place, and so they don't get mixed up with your regular e-mails, as you will get a lot.  This is good because the more offers you have, the more money you make.  Overall, ALWAYS read the sites terms and privacy policy to be absolutely positive on how they use your information.

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